Entrails Eradicated • Vomit God • End to End • Roñoso • Incest • The Conjuring

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013

512-B Yale SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






Garrison Grant

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Entrails Eradicated

Until recently, Cacophonous Regurgitation and Eviscerated Disembowelment were my favorite fake extreme metal band names. I finally learned my lesson; that scene is impervious to parody. Witness brutal Australian tech-shredders Entrails Eradicated. You must be prepared for this sort of music to truly apprehend what you’re hearing. A speed-freak nightmare, every song tears out of the gate bristling with rollercoaster arpeggio runs and machine gun-drums. Like most of their peers, Entrails Eradicated takes inspiration from medical encyclopedias and torture manuals. They’re on tour with Denver grossout artists Vomit God, whose guttural, constipated-demon vocals perfectly complement their juvenile, misanthropic glee. While it’s easy to mock extreme metal's trappings, listen closely and you won’t be clowning for long. This music is a truly surreal gateway to another world. Local keepers of this faith include thrash metal revivalists The Conjuring, coed blackened thrashers Incest, macho death-growlers End to End and sludge/crust old-timers Roñoso. Roñoso's bassist had his gallbladder removed, so he’s no stranger to eradicated entrails. This all-ages show starts early, at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, June 19, at Synchro Studio (512-B Yale SE). Six bones gets you in.

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