3 Day Introductory Workshop To The Tellington TTouch Method

Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

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86 County Road 74
Santa Fe, NM 87506






Almudena Ortiz Cue

Phone: (505) 954-1434
Website: Click to Visit

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Class Details:Tellington TTouch® is a method of working with animals that has proven effective in reducing stress, fear, aggression and anxiety; as well as modify behavior, increase flexibility and—when combined with veterinarian care—aid in recovery. The approach is gentle yet systematic and helps animals to better cope with different and novel situations. It improves confidence, focus and learning.With the use of gentle touches, body wraps and groundwork (a variety of exercises with equipment) we engage and calm the animal’s nervous system as well as teach the animal to move in non-habitual ways. Since an animal that is stressed or anxious cannot learn, the incorporation of TTouch® becomes an initial first step to any learning. Your dog will learn how to focus and better cope with situations in which he/she reacts with fear, concern or anxiety.This workshop is ideal for guardians/owners who want to learn the basics of the TTouch® method by working with their own dog on a particular issue. During the workshop we will be working with TTouches, wraps and groundwork.