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Thursday Jul 25, 2013

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CHACO Dog Training

86 County Road 74
Santa Fe, NM 87506





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Some of the most fun reasons for having a dog in our lives is to watch them do what they do best: Run at full speed, chase balls, swim, play off leash with other dogs and …. having our dogs come to us when we need them to do so!In this semi-private course you will learn techniques that, when practiced with consistency, will teach your dog to mind you in all sorts of distracting environments. You will also learn how to use your dog’s natural behavior, such as chasing, to your advantage.Your dog will learn to “check in” with you more in new and fun environments and to be more responsive to your cues for attention and play.As a result of our work together during the course and your practice outside of class, you both will become more of a team in off-leash adventures – instead of YOU having to worry if Rover will come back to you!


    Almudena Ortiz Cue

    Phone: (505) 954-1434
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