Opening Night Tailgate Parties

Friday Jun 28, 2013

301 Opera Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87506


Phone: (505) 986-5900

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Bring your fanciest fare to celebrate opening night. This year we will be judging the first ever tailgate contest.

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Tailgate hoity-toity

What the tailgate party leads up to

Put away those Val-U-Pak weenies and that boxed white zin—if you’re going to take part in the Santa Fe Opera tailgate party on Opening Night, you’ll want to break out a moveable feast worthy of the name. We’re talking the creamiest brie, the freshest figs, the béchamelest béchamel. Also, a wine you can swirl in your mouth and pronounce “oaky with floral notes.” A longtime Opening Night tradition, tailgate parties combine humor with just enough high culture to bring out the best in opera patrons, from their most exquisite finery to their zestiest canapés. In its 57th season, the Santa Fe Opera is showing the party crowd some official appreciation with their first-ever tailgate contest. Winning entrants, who must be pre-registered ticket-holders on Opening Night, June 28, stand to win posh goodies ranging from tickets to gift certificates to champagne. For those not competing, the convivial atmosphere before the show is sure to make for scrumptious people watching, even by Santa Fe standards. So break out the candelabra and the engraved pocket watches; the parking lot opens at 4:30 p.m. and winners are determined by 7. The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein gets underway at 8:30, launching another much-anticipated opera season. Opening night performance tickets range from $40 to $225 at

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