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Party on the Patio With Felix y los Gatos • variety

Saturday Jun 29, 2013

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

2401 12th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 843-7270
Website: Click to Visit


$7 with all-you-can-eat pizza




$7 Admission Includes All-You-Can-Eat Horno Baked Pizza New Full-Service Outdoor Bar Albuquerque’s Best Performers Music Every Fri. & Sat. and Every Other Thurs. 5-6p Happy Hour Drink Specials New Patio Menu   About the Artist: Calle 66, a native New Mexican salsa band, was formed in 2005. The mission of Calle 66 is to play contemporary salsa with a unique style and flavor, and to perform the music with the integrity and respect that the salsa art form deserves.

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Felix y los Gatos conjures spellbinding sounds

Felix Peralta and David Barclay

Judging from Ocho, the new album from Felix y los Gatos, Felix Peralta (guitar, vocals) has been knee-deep in some hard times lately: relationship problems, too much partying, trying not to party, homesickness (living in the Heights and aching for the South Valley), car trouble and so on.

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    Tazbah McCullah