Pop Up Synthesis

Arte Diem: Pop Up Synthesis Seizes the Day

It’s art emboldened by urgency—because the whole gallery, the entire show, lasts just one night. Pop Up Synthesis (3407 Central NE) brings together seven local artists whose flair for the theatric shouldn’t distract you from the beauty and diversity of their work. Elana Schwartz’s large-scale sculptures in nude wood evoke a sinister Grimm’s tale, while Steven Vigil’s watercolor and ink illustrations crackle with color and suggestive lines. Curator Jodie Herrera forges striking creations from a mélange of materials, including wood, paint and suitcases. The show also features work by Johnpaul Gutierrez (graphite and acrylic), Josh Schreiber (acrylic and spray paint on steel) and Jessie Hof (silver gelatin prints). The unusual format, says Herrera, “allows emerging artists to promote and expose their work directly to the public.” Refreshments, DJ Brandon Lum and “a secret performance” round out the abridged gallery run. Pop Up Synthesis materializes at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 26, and disappears forever at 11 the same night. (Lisa Barrow)

Friday Jul 26, 2013






Jodie Herrera (curator)

Phone: 505-435-1039

An innovative one night only art show composed of seven truly talented and provocative local artists.

The featured artists including Jodie Herrera (curator), Steven Vigil, Joshua Schreiber, John Paul Gutierrez, Elana Schwarts, and Jessie Hof. Each work of art provides a unique synthesis of beauty and edge that is undoubtedly skillful and appealing to the eye. “Pop UP Synthesis” will be located at 3407 Central NE, the future venue for the “Shade Tree”. Shade tree will be combining a local cafe concept and a motorcycle customs shop into a new local gem. Refreshments will be provided. Dj Brandon Lum will be setting the mood and the attending audience will be treated with a surprise performance. The event will take place from 6:00pm-11:00pm. Can’t wait to see you there!