Cold War Kids • PAPA • indie rock

Rockin' in the Free World

Cara Robbins

If you like your indie rock with more of an old-time, neo-noir aesthetic, then Cold War Kids may be your bag. When I first heard of this Long Beach, Calif. outfit, I pegged them as somewhat of a gimmicky representation for what indie rock was becoming, with bands like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers taking over the airwaves. But upon further listens, I saw that Cold War Kids have more of a poetically tragic bent that separates them from the mellifluous fancies of contemporary musicians. Their Depression-era tales of alcoholism and familial woes are poignant and relatable. Comprised of singer/pianist/guitarist Nathan Willett, bass guitarist Matt Maust, singer/pianist/guitarist Jonnie Russell and drummer/percussionist Matt Aveiro, Cold War Kids share their brand of rock and roll (of the independent variety, but you already knew that) at the Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW). The concert kicks off at 8 p.m., and tickets will run you about 20 bones. (Mark Lopez)

Monday Aug 19, 2013


Phone: 505-764-0249