Mala Maña 'We Have Released a CD' Party

Play Like a Girl

Percussion-heavy, girl-centric supergroup Mala Maña gets audiences moving whenever they play. By virtue of her membership in this band, Alibi delivery driver Alyson Steinman gets nods wherever she drops off the current issue of Albuquerque's free weekly. A veteran musician in the Albuquerque worldbeat scene, every fifth or so time I speak to Alyson, someone else inevitably approaches her asking, “Aren't you in that girl group that plays drums?” Indisputably popular live, Mala Mana now officially offers a recording to accompany your drive to the CNM Westside campus, clean the house by, pull weeds with, dance or sing along to, whatever—and you are hereby invited to their CD release party at Bandito Hideout (2128 Central SE) on Saturday, Aug. 10. There will be dancing. A paltry three clams gets one into this all-ages event beginning at 8 p.m., so most budgets will be able to handle Mexican food and drink as well as some nifty band merch; for the ladies, Mala Maña panties are this season's must-have item. Talented Afropop musicians one and all, these girls play well together, and they do it with a Chicana sensibility that is muy Nuevo Mexico. (Geoffrey Plant)

Saturday Aug 10, 2013

2128 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 242-5366




Alyson Steinman

Phone: 505-620-3869
Website: Click to Visit

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Mala Maña, a Women's Voice and Percussion Ensemble, plays eclectic folkloric and modern music from Colombia and the Latin Caribbean!