Elephant Conservation Day

Happy Birthday Daizy!

What? Have you never met Daizy and Alice, the magnificent elephants? It's okay; I've never met them either. But Daizy's birthday is coming up, and to celebrate, the ABQ BioPark Zoo is hosting an Elephant Conservation Day. Hopefully by catching a glimpse of these two massively cute creatures, people will feel a sense of empathy at the plight of the modern elephant. Asian elephants are considered especially rare as people tend to think ivory is the hottest commodity since gold lamé (have you not heard of dollar stores?). So in an effort to raise awareness of the grandeur and sizzle the elephant is known for, the zoo hopes people will take part in this activity to learn more about elephants and the efforts to protect them. And it's free with museum admission, so that's just another added bonus. (Mark Lopez)

Saturday Aug 24, 2013

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FREE with BioPark admission


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Celebrate Daizy's birthday and learn about endangered Asian elephants and efforts to protect them.