75 Movie Posters Drawn by Drew Struzan

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013






Jodie Herrera (curator)

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Poster party!

Louie’s Rock-N-Reels will be raffeling off a copy of this poster at the screening of Drew: The Man Behind the Poster

Like a lot of people in my generation, the original 1977 movie Star Wars changed my life. It affected the life of local movie poster collector/dealer Louie Torres as well. To hear him tell it, though, it was “not the movie, but the movie poster! It was around Christmas of 1976, and I was in Albuquerque visiting from Gallup. I'd gone to the (late) Coronado theater to see I don't remember what. What I do remember though is that near the box office on an A-frame display was this really cool-looking movie poster printed on silver mylar for something called Star Wars. I had no clue as to what Star Wars was and how the following summer it would revolutionize the film industry. I just knew that the poster was awesome and I wanted one!” Torres asked the manager if he could have the poster. The manager gruffly told him everybody wanted that poster. “The only way you’re gonna get one of those babies is to get a job at a movie theater,” he advised. After returning to Gallup, young Mr. Torres did just that.

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