Agility From The Ground Up

Saturday Oct 19, 2013

86 County Road 74
Santa Fe, NM 87506


$143.94 (tax included)




Almudena Ortiz Cue

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With the summer coming to an end we'd like to share some good news so that you have something to look forward to. C.H.A.C.O. has some brand spanking new classes beginning early fall! One of our unique classes this season is "Agility From the Ground Up." Here are the details on Agility From the Ground Up: Welcome to Agility From the Ground Up, a series of classes beginning with the fundamentals. Or… think of it as The pressure is off and the fun is on! All classes and instruction given are based on the science of animal learning. Behaviors are build step-by-step using reinforcement as well as the use of a marker (clicker). The goal here is to make sure handlers and their dogs are successful in understanding and executing the task at hand before moving forward with more advanced work. (Mini) Course 1: Covers learning theory (how dogs learn, including clicker training) reward procedures, good agility practices (safety, handling and focus work) and an introduction to working with simple “equipment”   Course 2: Will include: Strategies to get your dog “fired” and focused on the training, teaching dogs how to go around, between, over and under different pieces of “equipment” and building confidence around noise.   Course 3: We hone in teaching our dogs proprioception (how they use their body in space). Dogs will have an opportunity to learn awareness and control of their rear end by learning how to step with precision forward, backward and sideways – all required when engaged in the sport; as well as Starts and Stays.  Courses 4, 5 and 6: Will cover jumps and tunnels; fine-tune our handling system and communication with the dog by using proper body language as well as contact obstacles. Additional Info: Early bird thru October 5th $122.35 (Santa Fe county tax included). Regular Fee: $143.94.(Santa Fe county tax included).   NOTE:  Your payment and enrollment is for Mini-course 1 (AG1) only. Course 2 (AG2) will begin in Jan. 2014!   Click on the link below to view the rest of our upcoming fall events such as Developing the Confident Dog and Kinder Pup 1 & 2.