Kronos-1 unveiling

Saturday Oct 19, 2013







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Inviting artists, visionaries, freaks, cultural aficionados, etc. to this event. For info and directions, email

YOU are one of the lucky few...YOU are the Artists, Visionaries, Freaks, Cultural Aficionados, Glitterati, Intellectuals, Hippies, Punks, Creatives, and the ones who just "get it". YOU are invited to the unveiling of KRONOS-1 at the Pino Family Ranch in Carrizozo, NM on Saturday October 19th starting at 3pm. There will be New Mexican music, courtesy of Paul Pino & the Tone Daddies, food and cold beers for all who make the drive down to the Ranch. This will be the first of many experimental art events held in ZOZO & hosted by the CASA PINO.  Camping on the Ranch is cool with us, and there are other accommodations in town. Join us. You won't be disappointed. For more information about the project check out the website KRONOS-1.  For more information about the event email