Working Men are Hyped

Saturday Oct 19, 2013

804 Park Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 400-9201






El Chante: Casa de Cultura

Phone: (505) 400-3635

Abstract paintings by Brad Hayes.

Playing off a Minutemen song “Working Men are Pissed”, “Working Men are Hyped” is a reflection of the artists’ experiences as working class men who carve out time to enjoy life and make things that they consider beautiful. Hayes states, “Not to get to deep, but society’s idea of ‘you’re to old for that’ is thankfully lost in our generation. Whether it is or not is up to each individual. We aren’t commenting on other peoples lives- do whatever you want- be happy- we are”.   Brad Hayes (born 1978) is an artist, photographer, skateboarder, and zine-maker. His abstract paintings combine bright swaths of saturated color and geometric, almost pixilated forms, sometimes incorporating graffiti-like text and the artist’s photographs of skaters and musicians in action. Hayes recently exhibited at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, California. He is also the editor and publisher of the skate zine Shark Bait.   Marcos A. Nieves was born on September 15, 1973 in Paramount, CA.  He lived there until he was five and then moved to San Francisco where he grew up in and where he calls home, "The Mission District". He moved to Albuquerque in 2003 with his son.  He is a father, loner, gypsy, skateboarder, blue-collar worker, smoker, heart of gold, brother, art maker, and his favorite "every ladies' favorite mistake".  He states, "I'm trapped between this life (which I don't fit in) and the other life which everybody sees me as.   Aaron Frisby was born where he remains, Oklahoma in 1976.He does not attribute the landscape as an inspiration to his visual works; he blames rock and roll posters of his youth, fashion magazines, and the art books at the library. Last summer, Frisby was an artist-in-resident at the Stone and Water Gallery in Anyang, S. Korea and has shown his work at art galleries in San Jose, California.