Captain America Presents Garage and Wax Rock 9: The Angel Babies • The Klondykes • Ballets

Saturday Dec 7, 2013

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Texan seraphim

The Angel Babies’ “Tone Deaf” video still
Calida Salazar

While updating my smart phone, said intelligent device offered to sync my favorite music. Along with obscure dark wave, stoner/doom and The Sound of Music soundtrack, I synced up The Angel Babies’ “Blew My Speakers.” This track from the New Mexico-born, Austin-based band’s debut 7-inch personifies the crunch and hiss of badland garage rock. When the group released their self-titled full-length in 2012, I described the result as ranging from “postmodern corrido-style numbers to fuzzy, electronics-laced rockers to slow-burning and darkly ethereal tunes.” Hang with The Angel Babies’ Frankie Medina and Calida Salazar at Captain America’s ninth Garage & Wax Night at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW) on Thursday, Dec. 5. The Klondykes and Ballets open this 21-and-over gig. The concert kicks off at 9pm, but get there early for stellar vinyl curation.

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