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Santa Comes To Your Home Holiday Party & Event

Friday Dec 6, 2013

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Tours of Old Town

303 Romero NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: (505) 246-8687
Website: Click to Visit



Contact Old Town Santa Claus:(505) 246-TOUR (8687) is a Member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa’s. Fully Insured. Background Checked & Verified. Listed prices do not include applicable sales tax or gratuity. Bookings made after December 15th, prices increase +25%.Top 10 Reasons that SANTA should attend your Holiday Party or Event1. A visit from SANTA makes your event stand out2. SANTA makes every event memorable3. SANTA creates Holiday CHEER - putting everyone in a better & more festive mood4. Happier people EAT more and DRINK more increasing your event’s revenue5. PHOTOs will be taken and shared creating more buzz for your Company6. PHOTOs will be taken and shared creating more buzz for your Venue7. SANTA can pass out gifts, bonuses or even Secret Santa gift exchanges8. A fun event with SANTA creates goodwill toward the Company9. Having SANTA available creates an added amenity for your Venue increasing bookings10. You can arrange the bookings and add SANTA to your packages SANTA can visit several parties on the same evening increasing revenue for your VenueDownload a PDF file of SANTA information


    Old Town Santa

    Phone: 505-246-8687
    Website: Click to Visit

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