Dos Pintores—Dos Senderos: Padre y Hijo

Friday Feb 7, 2014

Additional Dates:

6401 Richards Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87508






Sarah Martinez

Phone: 505-428-1000

The exhibit presents recent work from father and son Andrés Martínez and Adrian Martínez.

Andrés Martínez has been painting all his life, receiving his first art instruction in Catholic school. He began in a realistic mode but became interested in modern and contemporary art and sought a more expressionistic methodology. In addition to experience as an illustrator for the military and for industry, he worked full time with the U.S. Postal Service for 17 years. Wanting to develop as an artist, he spent several years painting at nights and on weekends to create a body of work that represented what he was seeking. His paintings were subsequently accepted at the Peyton-Wright Gallery in Santa Fe. As his work began to sell, he was able to pursue painting full time. Admiring European artists Paul Klee, Arshile Gorky, Juan Miro and Rufino Tamayo, he also cites the work of Santa Fe artist Paul Shapiro as an influence.