Carlos Núñez

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

1701 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4508

Phone: 246-2261
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Phone: (505) 724-4771

One of Galicia's most revered artists and undisputed as the tradition's greatest piper.

Carlos Núñez is one of Galicia’s most revered artists, undisputed as the tradition’s greatest piper. He is well known in Irish music circles, thanks to his early "adoption" by The Chieftains (so close was his musical and personal connection he was dubbed "The Seventh Chieftain"). Núñez’s music draws on influences that range from ancient and contemporary Celtic (with a unique Spanish swing) to Medieval and Baroque, and also borrows from the sounds and styles of the places where Galicians have settled, including Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, even the United States.

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Carlos Núñez rocks the gaita
Courtesy of the artist

Musician Carlos Núñez remembers his last visit to New Mexico warmly. “Ah, yes, New Mexico ... I had a deep feeling of coming home. ... New Mexico has a secret Celtic heart.”

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