I Heart the Bosque Valentine's Day Clean Up

No Kibosh For the Bosque

It's that time of year. A time for flowers, candy, stuffed bears and romantic dinners … or if you're anything like me, a night of staying in, Chinese food, a bad movie marathon and maybe a little Sonics to improve my mood. Regardless, some may view Valentine's as nothing more than an excuse to splurge on the one person who already eats up their wallet, but hey, who are we to judge? As Janis Joplin once said, “get it while you can.” But for those of you who aren't “getting it,” so to speak, there's an event that can make you feel good about yourself without having to sit at home, whining and pining for a nonexistant person. It's called the I Heart the Bosque Valentine's Day Clean-Up. Granted, it's not on Valentine's Day (but on Feb. 15), so you can actually partake in both the traditional festivities as well as this environmentally sound clean-up. Participants will be split into teams, and commence cleaning up the Bosque. People are encouraged to bring their own water, gloves, sack lunch, etc. Ps. The winning team gets a prize. And there will also be an educational walk at noon. So, if you're interested in sending a “valentine to the Bosque,” meet at the parking lot at Tingley Beach (1800 Tingley Dr.) at 10am. For more information, call Camilla at 715-8388. (Mark Lopez)

Saturday Feb 15, 2014

1800 Tingley SW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 768-2000
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Camilla Feibelman

Phone: 505.715.8388
Website: Click to Visit

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Join in for a clean-up day as well as a chance to make your video valentine to the Bosque. The team that collects the most trash will win a prize.

See the birds of Hawks Aloft and buy our Bosque shirt, pin and tote bag if you haven't yet.  We'll tabulate the trash we collect to better understand what litter ends up in the Bosque and where it might come from.  The team that collects the most trash will win a prize.  At noon we'll have an educational walk.  When: 10am - 2pm  Please Where: Meet at the Tingley Beach Parking Lot, South of Central in the North-most parking lot.  Look for our tables.  Bring: Gloves, Trash Bags, Hat, Water, Snacks, Your Sack Lunch, Binoculars  For more information call: Camilla, 505.715.8388.