Material Worth Opening Reception

Saturday Mar 8, 2014

210 Yale SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 268-0044
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Claude Smith

Phone: 505-268-0044
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Mixed media works by Kate Carr, Jane Lackey and Natalie Smith.

Material Worth examines the multifaceted approaches of artists Kate Carr (Santa Fe), Jane Lackey (Santa Fe) and Natalie Smith (Albuquerque) as they explore material fluency through the transformation and re-contextualization of everyday, utilitarian objects. Using media and techniques often associated with craft practice, these artists seek to engage the viewer through a variety of complex and unexpected processes while simultaneously, preserving and elevating the integrity of their materials.

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’Cause you’re worth it

Jane Lackey’s “Circulate”

Unless you’re reading the Alibi in the buff (and hey, I’m not judging), you’ll agree that the fabric stuff cloaking and warming your naked body is pretty fundamental to most folks’ daily existence. Kate Carr and Jane Lackey of Santa Fe and Natalie Smith of ABQ recognize the importance of textiles in Western culture, but they want us to take another, deeper look. Hence Material Worth, an exhibition opening at the Inpost Artspace on Saturday, March 8, from 5 to 7pm. Carr’s low-key works use colored felt and birch plywood in simple-seeming meditations on form, color and utility. Lackey’s pieces begin with a fragile field of onionskin paper enhanced with everything from thread to labels, ending as stitched-up maps that cavort with mental scale. Claiming kinship with both painting and the kind of tchotchkes you might pick up on vacation, Smith’s print-inspired “soft-posters” of fabric are assemblage art at its least intimidating. Inpost Artspace is located at Outpost (210 Yale SE) and is open Monday through Friday, 2:30 to 5pm, as well as during Outpost performances and by appointment.

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