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¿¿Solas?? ¡¡Nunca!!

Monday Mar 24, 2014

Additional Dates:

El Chante: Casa de Cultura

804 Park Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 400-9201





New works by Concha Soto.

Coinciding with the International Day of Women events, ¿¿Solas?? ¡¡Nunca!! featuring work by Concha Soto is an art experience that explores the reality of our lives as we transverse through the seen and the unseen via photography, paintings, live installations, poetry, and dreams. It is the lifting of the veil between worlds and brings forth the terrifying, healing, compassion, life, death, and dance of which we are all participants. What we choose to hear, what we choose to see, learn, and do is not always what is expected after being born, teaching, praying, dreaming, listening, and dying. It is the artist reality that we are never alone in this infinite mystery of life. 


    El Chante: Casa de Cultura

    Phone: (505) 400-3635
    Website: Click to Visit