Teaching as a Creative Act

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When I think back on my own education, the only teachers/professors that stick out were the ones who used creative methods to get the point across. From an art teacher incorporating the use of car wax and magazine pieces to put a new spin on collage art to an English teacher that incorporated three-dimensional interpretations of a certain text (in my case, it was Thoreau's Walden) to represent how we envisioned what we were reading. It's these educators that showed the act of teaching wasn't just meant to follow a boring curriculum to fill time. And that's what the lecture "Teaching as a Creative Act" aims to exhibit. The lecture, as part of Women & Creativity Month, takes place at the Bosque School (4000 Learning NW), and the goal is to show how education can be shaped, molded and adjusted to fit a creative approach. Speakers will show how this topic is necessary in the “cultural conversation about teaching and learning.” The event happens on Thursday, March 20, at 4pm and is free. You can head to womenandcreativity.org for more information and more events throughout the month of March. (Mark Lopez)

Thursday Mar 20, 2014

4000 Learning Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120




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Join in to explore the essential role of creativity in the practice of educating, and hear from several wise women about the vital role of creativity in their work.