Fiesta Flamenca: A Gala Performance

Friday Jun 13, 2014

Additional Dates:

1701 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4508

Phone: 246-2261
Website: Click to Visit






National Institute of Flamenco

Phone: 505.242.7600
Website: Click to Visit

A star-studded evening of music and dance, illustrating the range and dynamic styles presented in Festival Flamenco de Albuquerque.

Elegance, sophistication, and physical brilliance challenge the audience to experience flamenco in all of its forms. Juxtaposing heritage and innovation, this vibrant display of artistry can be found in the distinct characteristics of flamenco. In a spectacular display of the most powerful and energetic flamenco, headlining artists of Festival Flamenco 27, along with Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company, share the stage for an evening of unforgettable music and dance. 

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After a Silence, Flamenco Speaks Again

La Lupi
Flamenco’s “tremendous sensitivity” once again shines at the 27th annual Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque.

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