Tendencias Alfonso Losa y Compania

Thursday Jun 12, 2014

203 Cornell Dr NE
UNM Main Campus
(Popejoy Hall)
Albuquerque, NM 87122




National Institute of Flamenco
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A captivating range of dance forms by Alfonso Losa, Jesús Carmona and Nina de los Reyes. Part of the Festival Flamenco de Albuquerque.


"At a time when flamenco is being displaced by an unchecked merging of forms, I put forth my grievance of this circumstance through dance. From my hunger for constant creative growth and with the deepest reverence for the roots of flamenco, arises." -Tendencias

A concert that is not defined within the current evolution of flamenco, "Tendencias" finds expression across a captivating range of dance forms while retaining the integrity of each. Its purpose is clear: to gather various approaches to dance and unite them with the distinct sensibility of flamenco. This is an impossible feat without a cast holding profound artistic, technical, and cultural knowledge.

"Wanting to evolve in flamenco while preserving it is my challenge. There are precedents that must be upheld; not just anything is viable." - Alfonso Losa

Baile: Alfonso Losa | Jesús Carmona | Nino de los Reyes
Cante: José Manuel Doya Jiménez "Zambuyo" | Fabiola Pérez "La Fabi"
Guitarra: Pino Losada

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