Mirror Games

My Looking Glass Doth Overflow

Hold up a mirror to the Duke City and what do you see? Do it right and you’ll espy an arts scene surging with talent, ingenuity and a solid gold sense of fun. Do it in ArtBar (119 Gold SW) on May 25, from 4 to 7pm, and you’ll catch a motley mix of playfulness, creation and revelry (lubricated by libations) at the Mirror Games Variety Show. The Sunday extravaganza includes live art from exuberantly chromatic Cloudface and graphically masterful Marc Quetone; brilliant linguistic torrents unleashed by newly crowned Poet Laureate Jessica Helen Lopez; the uninhibited comedy of Rusty Rutherford; graceful belly dancing by the foxy Michelle Farfesha; and tricks from Mischief Magic. Enjoy body painting, tarot readings, games and prizes, plus music from Russell Chase Turek, Zoltan Orkestar, Twinology and Brendangerous. Underground painter Stephanie Galloway joins other vendors of art, jewelry, glass and pottery to round out an evening that costs just $5 for ArtBar members/guests or $10 for non-members. (Lisa Barrow)


Sunday May 25, 2014

119 Gold Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Life Underground Xo

Phone: 505-990-1358
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A night of poetry, art and music as well as belly dancing by Michelle Farfesha and magic by Mischief Magic.

Mirror Games Sunday May 25from 4-7pm@ ArtBar by Catalyst Club119 Gold SW Downtown AlbuquerqueENJOY A NIGHT OF POETRY, ART AND MUSIC....   COME AND HAVE YOUR PALM READ YOUR FORTUNE TOLD....BELLY DANCING BY MICHELLE FARFESHA.......MAGIC BY MISCHIEF MAGIC.....THERE WILL BE SLAM POETRY BY AWARD WINNING JESSICA HELEN LOPEZ.......RAW COMEDY BY RUSTY RUTHERFORD........ INCREDIBLE MUSIC BY DJ BRENDANGEROUS... BLISSBOT....ZOLTAN ORKESTAR......RUSSELL CHASE TUREK..... TWINOLOGY........Also, SOME OF ALBUQUERQUE'S VIBRANT ARTISTS WILL BE SHOWCASING THEIR ART! ......with LIVE ART PERFORMANCES BY CLOUDFACE AND MARC QUETONE BODY PAINTING BY LEGUN! GAMES , PRIZES and more . ........COME OUT AND WIN FREE ART ON SUNDAY, MAY 25TH AT ARTBAR BY CATALYST CLUB ....................5 bucks→ Members and 10 bucks →non-members ( which also gives you membership to Artbar for a month! visit this link and get on the guest list today :)https://www.facebook.com/events/1403867346543389/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular