Naughty Prom

Not Another Teen Prom

Maybe you thought (having escaped high school relatively intact) that polyester jewel-tone dresses and wrist corsages were a thing of the past. Not so! Prom is back—but this time it’s just for the grownups. Naughty Prom requires no date, no stretch limousine and no flask stuffed into your underwear, because the night of dancing, group photos and games happens at ArtBar (119 Gold SW), where the liquor flows in the open and the “cool kids” are everyone who showed up ready for a good time. Thanks to the evening’s “sensuality” theme, any make-out sessions that might crop up during the steamy entertainment will be free of disapproving chaperones. Onstage, Honey Pistol and Siren Rain of fledgling troupe Broken Diamond Burlesque stretch their sexy wings, and Zmeya Dali and Saskia Sharp of the dark and deadly Black Widow Cabal are likely to do something shameless. Vibe on the sounds of Bandwidth No Name, Element37, Rusta Rhymes and more, plus a range of poets unleashing their most erotic verses. When the big dance kicks off at 9pm on Friday, June 6, be there wearing your fancy clothes and poised for your hottest prom ever. Tickets are $5 or $10 (members/non-members) at the door. (Lisa Barrow)

Friday Jun 6, 2014

119 Gold Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Zachary Kluckman

Phone: 505-712-1475
Website: Click to Visit

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Get your fancy duds on and join in for a night of spoken word, live music and burlesque with some of the state’s most talented artists.


Musicians for the night include Bandwidth No Name, Element 37, Ruben Vail and Megan Young, plus we have the ladies of the Black Widow Cabal. There’s even a photo booth. This is the prom you WISH you had!  Friday, June 6th, 9 pm  $5 for Members/$10 for Non-Members (gets you a one month membership)  21+ only!  Call Zach at 505-712-1475 for details