Devotions Opening Reception

Saturday Jun 7, 2014

201 Third Street NW
Ste G
Albuquerque, NM 87102




April Price

Phone: 505.247.0895
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Featuring work by Deborah Gavel, Leigh Anne Langwell and Audrey Bell.


Each of the three artist in this exhibit, Deborah Gavel, Leigh Anne Langwell, and

Audrey Bell has demonstrated a sense of devotion in the activity of making their art.

There is a painstaking reverence for the act of creating; as well as, the awe and magic

of the beautiful objects they create to explore and express their visions of the universe.

It is this sense of devotion and reverence that bring the works in this exhibit into a

conversations with one another. Langwell creates galaxies with pins reflecting light like

the moon. Bell's graphite drawing of a rose is almost hypnotic, composed of it's infinite

petals.  Gavel's  paintings are the layering of elements: metallic leaf, beeswax, oil

and enamel which  link to earth-air-fire-water. The alchemy of her work speaks a language of

medicine and healing, a drug for the soul.