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Saturday Oct 6, 2012

Richard Levy Gallery
514 Central Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 766-9888
Website: Click to Visit

A dynamic installation by Artereazione+Consonant inspired by the synapses of the human brain.

SYN  is constructed out of acrylic spheres and pvc tubes to create an artificial nervous system. Video-mapping technology pairs with social media as participants switch on the “social brain” by sending a tweet through SYN’s dedicated application or their own personal device. These actions trigger surges of light impulses that travel throughout the sculpture, simulating the activity of a central nervous system and creating a unique audio-visual performance.

SYN is collaborative project produced by two Italian-based groups, Artereazione+Consonant, both directed by Mariano Leotta.

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    Richard Levy Gallery

    Phone: 505-766-9888
    Website: Click to Visit



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