Mama's Minerals 9th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair

Saturday Jun 21, 2014

1100 San Mateo NE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 266-8443
Website: Click to Visit






Phone: 505-266-8443
Website: Click to Visit

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Featuring over 100 artists selling handmade arts & crafts, including jewelry, paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery, quilts, handbags and masks.



Includes music and food.

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Ipso facto X-Acto

“La Nao de China” by Catalina Delgado-Trunk, 2006, hand-cut paper over collage

Any way you slice it, nothing’s quite like paper art. Traditional papel picado is a cheerful, humble Mexican papercraft often used to adorn and embellish public spaces. But ¡Papel! Pico, Rico y Chico, opening at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 Fourth Street SW) on Friday, June 20, at 6pm, proves the form’s wondrous flexibility. Featuring four artists who each boast singular talent and determination, the exhibit shows off what can be achieved by brilliant design using paper painstakingly snipped and trimmed by hand.

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