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Tuesday Jul 8, 2014



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Glass Menageries’ return

The Glass Menageries circa 2011
Mark Castillo

If you’re a longtime reader of this publication—specifically the music writing of Captain America—you’re already in on the not-so-well-kept secret of the The Glass Menageries. The literary-minded, inspired dream-pop band returns from hiatus to host a benefit for one of its own. Raising funds for classically trained pianist and drummer Christian M. Newman’s travel fund brings The Glass Ms back to the stage at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW) on Tuesday, July 8, at 9pm. And this is one fundraiser worth its glitter-infused pink Himalayan salt as it also features a performance by Anna Malés (featuring Gena Lawson, Joe Hay and Newman), left-field pop by Shoulder Voices and the “bomb bass noise rap” of Bigawatt on its lineup. Check out an evening of exciting, transcendent music at this 21-plus gig. Admission is only $5.

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