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Thursday Jun 29, 2017

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Sunday Jul 2, 2017
  • University of New Mexico
    Summer Camps
  • Wildlife West (Edgewood)
    Kid Goat Yoga
  • No Place Like Om

    Just breathe ... but also laugh, at Yoga Art Space's biweekly Laughter Yoga Wellness Group. The class—which is offered by donation—promises a few laughs and a few asanas to “relieve tension in the body and mind.” If you're feeling up for down dog, cat-cow, cobra and a laugh simultaneously—then the one-hour class (from 3-4pm) is bound to be something you'll enjoy. The next blissed out session of breathing, visualizations and stretching will take place at the Comanche studio on Sunday, July 2. (Maggie Grimason)

    Yoga Art Space
    Laughter Yoga Wellness Group
  • Albuquerque Vipassana Center
    Meditation Gathering
  • Yoga Art Space
    Mindfulness, Meditation and Mantra Workshop
  • Rio Bravo Brewing Company
    Pints and Planks
  • Yin Your Yang

    Get your recovery on at Sani Yoga this Sunday, July 2, at 6pm at their Yin Yoga class. Yin yoga is a challenging branch of slow-going yoga that requires participants to hold poses and postures for 45 seconds to five minutes (or more!) instead of a typical flow. This gives a person a chance to ease into a pose and hold it for a longer amount of time than is typically comfortable to increase circulation and improve flexibility in their body and mind—it's particularly beneficial to folks who are recovering from traumatic injuries. This class is just $5, and with parking and supplies covered by this wonderful local yoga studio, there's no reason not to dive into this comfortable, safe space. (Rini Grammer)

    Sani Yoga
    Yin Yoga
  • Tingley Beach
    Yoga on the Bosque
  • Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center
    Yoga with a View
  • Get Wild, Baby

    Hey you! Yeah, you—the one who's been staring at your smartphone all day in between answering emails at your fluorescent light lit cubbyhole of a desk—you need to get outside and reconnect with nature. It's good for your brain. It'll make you happy. Trek to the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center on Sunday, July 2, at 9am to experience a moderately strenuous guided hike through the beautiful Bosque at the Bosque Wild: Guided Nature Walk. Feel the sun on your face, smell the plants, hear the birds, swat the mosquitos. Just make sure to bring water and decent walking shoes to this totally free (though registration is recommended) communion with the wild. (Renée Chavez)

    Bosque Wild: Guided Nature Walk
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