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Friday Aug 25, 2017

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Sunday Aug 27, 2017
  • Angel Fire Resort (Angel Fire)
    Angel Fire Food and Wine Roundup
  • Corrales Recreational Center (Corrales)
    Corrales Growers' Market
  • Railyards Market
    Rail Yards Market 2017
  • Tah-may-to, Tah-mah-to

    The first time I heard someone talk about an heirloom tomato, I was immediately confused. My mind brought forth an image of a tomato that had been passed from grandmother to mother. The family heirloom tomato. Coincidentally, family heirloom are one of the four categories of heirloom tomato. This Sunday, Aug. 27, join Albuquerque area extension master gardeners to learn even more neato tomato facts you can impress your friends with at parties. Learn how to cook with and garden tomatoes at the Tomato Fiesta at Albuquerque Garden Center beginning at 11am. This event will set you back $5, the cost of a single heirloom tomato at Whole Foods. But skip the lines to enjoy great food and the chance to buy heirloom tomatoes from the people who grew them! (Valerie Serna)

    Albuquerque Garden Center
    Tomato Fiesta
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