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Tuesday Jul 25, 2017

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Tuesday Aug 1, 2017
  • Blue Grasshopper Brew Pub (Rio Rancho)
    Open Mic
  • Blue Grasshopper Brew Pub Taproom
    Open Mic
  • Brickyard Pizza
    Open Mic
  • The Cooperage
    Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra • jazz, big band
  • Looney for Rooney

    There is a striking absence of good rock music on the airwaves today. We have passed the glory days when kids and adults alike bonded over a couple of guitars and a drumset, as new heads try their hand at the more accessible sounds of electronic music and rap. There are those of us, however, who have not forgotten the thrill of playing air guitar and belting along to your favorite song. In his efforts to reaccess this primal energy, Robert Schwartzman—the mastermind behind the once-upon-a-time inescapable worm of a tune “Where Did Your Heart Go Missing”—has reformed his band Rooney. Armed with the upbeat verve of power pop and teeming with inspiration from British Invasion rock, Rooney will be bringing their revival efforts to Launchpad this Tuesday, Aug. 1. The opening performance at this 13+ show will be provided by the somehow simultaneously buoyant and melancholy indie jams of Run River North. The cost to share in the spirit and enthusiasm of revitalized musicians will be a mere $17, so don’t miss out! (Adam Wood)

    Rooney • indie • Run River North • folk rock
  • Molly's Bar (Tijeras)
    Acoustic Open Mic • Steve Kinabrew
  • The Range Café (Bernalillo)
    Ivan Rane • fingerstyle guitar
  • Tractor Brewing Wells Park
    Kamikaze Karaoke
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