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Friday Nov 27, 2015

  • House Hunters: Gingerbread Edition

    Gingerbread houses are a wonderful holiday tradition. Creating a beautiful house fit for even the snobbiest of ginger-people and then wreaking havoc on it (or letting it sit until it turns stale) is the stuff of childhood fantasies. Most kits you get, however, depict a Midwestern-style cottage. In this, the land of adobe, it’s actually quite unusual to see a house like that. Why not make a house like the dozens you see daily? The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is proud to present their seventh annual Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest. Have each person in your family make their very own classic, authentic-looking Pueblo-style house out of candy and other various edible goods. Submissions are accepted daily from 9am-5pm, Nov. 27 through Dec.7. Multiple categories means you have a greater chance of being in the top three and winning cash prizes. Good luck! (Cerridwen Stucky)

    Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
    7th Annual Pueblo Gingerbread House Contest
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