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Tuesday May 23, 2017

  • Flying Star Café
    Canine Companions For Independence Fundraiser
  • Alibi to Offer Mayoral Forum

    A sizzling summer is in store for Albuquerque. The upcoming municipal mayoral election will add to that heat and heady atmosphere. Weekly Alibi has the perfect way to cool off with a quick dip into our city’s political process. That’s right: Swim with us at the National Hispanic Cultural Center as we help citizens navigate the river political. Along with digital news outfits like New Mexico Political Report and community activist organizations such as Dukes Up!, we’re bringing together this town’s mayoral candidates on Tuesday, May 23, at 5:30pm for the grande Dukes Up #RealTalk Mayoral Forum. The theme of this political pool party will be “Immigration, Public Safety and Cultural Identity in Albuquerque.” Feel free to jump right in and cool off with some of the most dynamic discourse this city has to offer. Tickets are free on the web at Alibi Tix, and the event will be positive, proactive and probably fun too. Can I get you a floatation device or towel, fellow citizen? (August March)

    National Hispanic Cultural Center
    Dukes Up #RealTalk Mayoral Forum
  • Flying Star Café
    Viva N.M. Rural Animal Rescue Fundraiser
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