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  • Dawn Julio

    June is winding down, which means it is almost time for everyone’s favorite holiday … Asteroid Day! The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is celebrating in spectacular fashion this Friday, June 30 from 5:30pm until 10pm with a fantastic event for the whole family marking the grand opening of their new exhibit Dawn Mission to the Asteroids. The celebration Space Science: International Asterioid Day will feature a talk by Dr. Thomas Prettyman, the Principal Investigator for NASA’s actual and ongoing Dawn Mission to the dwarf planet Ceres and the massive asteroid Vesta, along with hands-on activities and opportunities to observe the night sky with the equipment at the museum’s impressive observatory. Admission to this event is $7 for adults and $4 for children, great value for the opportunity to engage in part of an international campaign to educate the public about the nature of asteroids and their impact on Earth’s history (and potentially future). (Adam Wood)

    NM Museum of Natural History & Science
    Space Science: International Asterioid Day
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