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Sunday Jun 25, 2017

Saturday Jul 1, 2017
Sunday Jul 2, 2017
  • Get Wild, Baby

    Hey you! Yeah, you—the one who's been staring at your smartphone all day in between answering emails at your fluorescent light lit cubbyhole of a desk—you need to get outside and reconnect with nature. It's good for your brain. It'll make you happy. Trek to the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center on Sunday, July 2, at 9am to experience a moderately strenuous guided hike through the beautiful Bosque at the Bosque Wild: Guided Nature Walk. Feel the sun on your face, smell the plants, hear the birds, swat the mosquitos. Just make sure to bring water and decent walking shoes to this totally free (though registration is recommended) communion with the wild. (Renée Chavez)

    Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center
    Bosque Wild: Guided Nature Walk
Saturday Jul 8, 2017