Alibi V.13 No.50 • Dec 9-15, 2004 

Cool Stuff

A Taste o' the Holidays

At the New Mexico Food and Gift Showcase, a temporary store inside Coronado Mall, you can buy hundreds of locally produced edibles. Stop by anytime between now and January 23 to pick up pistachio brittle, chocolate chile pecans, Señor Murphy candy assortments, gift baskets and the four items pictured above.

1) Organic New Mexico Piñon Coffee ($10.50). Piñons are roasted with the coffee beans, then sorted out before packing. Tastes nutty and delicious!

2) Cow Pattys chocolate candies ($5.25) come in a variety of flavors. As the box promises, they look like little piles of poop. Worth it just for the laugh you'll get from the recipient.

3) Chuck's Nuts lavender caramel corn ($7.50) is so unusual that most people won't know it's lavender unless you tell them.

4) This year, Santa Fe Cider's nonalcoholic sparkling cider ($3.75) was made from certified organic New Mexico apples (they had previously used out-of-state apples). Better than Martinelli's cider, this is a holiday treat for kids, nondrinkers and cider fans.