Alibi V.14 No.14 • April 7-13, 2005 

BOB: Staff Picks

Christie Chisholm—Alibi Reporter

Best Place to Buy Deliciously Large Bars of Soap
Lavande Bleu. Walking into this place makes you feel like you just doused yourself in way too much of your mom's perfume. But it's worth it. Never have I seen so much creamy, luscious and utterly huge bars of soap in one place. And the flavors—oh, the flavors. It totally makes me want to wash myself.

Best Coffee House
Irysh Macs. The art on the walls is always fresh, a chessboard but a few feet away, and they serve a mean chai that'll make your teeth tingle. (No, really, it literally makes my teeth tingle.) Not to mention that the staff is always very tolerant of me and my women's group on the nights that we decide to hole up on their couch. Thanks, guys.

Best Chocolate-Banana Malt
Route 66 Diner. What, you've never had one? It's not on the menu, but they'll make it, and it's every bit as fantastic as it sounds. The shake variety works, too, but everyone knows that malts are better.

Best Place to Buy Anything a Woman Could Need
Martha's Body Bueno. Martha, I love you. This store is so tasteful, so warm, and just so welcoming. Whether you're looking for locally crafted jewelry, the opportunity to design your own massage oil, or ... ahem ... something personal, Martha's your woman.

Martin Candelaria—Alibi Receptionist

Best Wasteful Use of Local Tax Dollars
The City Council and the Mayor. I prefer to call them The Circus. A bunch of illusionists with an egotistical ring leader and they're all hell bent on getting votes rather than what may really be the best for the community or the city.

Best Use of Hair on a Local TV Newsperson
Carla Aragon never ceases to amaze me with how much hair she has and how big it can get. What amazes me more is the women in the same age group going for the same look.

Best Wine Shop
Jubilation. Because it's close to my home. Actually, it's one of the few places in town where I've been able to find my favorite Italian white wine called Terre di Tufi.

Best Place for a Wedding Reception
Roosevelt Park. The grass, the trees, the mottled sunlight and the park regulars who are actually pretty respectful. I attended one wedding there last year and thought: What a fantastic idea.

Best Place to Get Smashed on Your Lunch Break
Pearl's Dive. If I were to get smashed, that is where I would go because Anodyne and Ned's are closed during lunch.

Best Local Music Selection
The flea market at Expo New Mexico. My mom loves this stuff, and you can't beat their prices or the people watching. We have an agreement: If I go there with her, she'll accompany me to Que Huong afterwards.

Best Vinyl Selection
Mecca. I found old Serge Gainsbourg, Nina Simone and Lena Horne albums there once. That makes them great in my book for all time.

Best Venue in Which to Hear Live Music
The Launchpad. I've seen some great shows and some really bad shows there, but overall it's one of the only places I've been to that is dedicated to a rockin' good time. I really appreciate the fact that they put on all-ages shows, too.

Best Line to Use in Order to Get Yourself Out of a Traffic Ticket
"I've got diarrhea." I actually told a police officer that I had been sick all day and I had diarrhea and that I only lived a few blocks away. I was doing the seated pee-pee dance (bouncing and opening and closing my legs real fast). It worked.

Best Plant Nursery
Osuna. They carry Arabian Jasmine Plants in the summer and an incredible selection of Orchids and houseplants. I can spend so much time just wandering through their green house, and no one pressures you.

Best Massage Therapist
Martin. Yes, me. I just got my license, but I've been practicing massage since I was 15. A curandera that lived next door to my grandmother taught me some massage techniques and how to work with herbs. I've been doing it since.

Molly Lindsay—Alibi Controller

Best Local Crackpot
Don Schrader. Whenever I see his name at the end of a letter to the editor, I just can't wait to read what he's going to enlighten us with next. Don totally rocks, and Albuquerque's personality would be lacking greatly without his.

Best Bowling Alley
Lucky 66. It's still fairly old school, and the staff is friendly. If that's not enough for ya, then check this out—they have karaoke in the bar!

Best Local Microbrew
Il Vicino Slowdown Brown. Ahhhh. Smooth yet crisp, with a nutty flavor. It's my favorite beer of all time I'd have to say.

Best Jukebox
Anodyne. They have the best mix of genres old and new, and it rotates before the songs get ruined by repetition. Fresh, dude.

Best Bartender
Doug Albin, Anodyne. Doug's been there for us all for years. He's super witty, not hard on the eyes and always greets ya with a "How do?!" Thanks, brotha.

Best Shoe Store
Ruby Shoesday. Jackie always has the latest styles from super hip designers. It's where I would spend my tax return if I could.

Best Antique Store
Antiques & Things. My beau and I always manage to find unique and affordable collectibles for each other every time we visit.

Best Restaurant for a Quick Lunch
Gold Street Caffe. I've never been disappointed. It's always delicious. On occasion they spice up your lunch with a throw-down between waitstaff and chef. It's secretly quite exhilarating.

Best Place to Buy Used Music
Natural Sound. I've even found Johnny Cash in their used bin. Someone must have been really broke, God rest JC's soul.

Best Thrift Store
Barrett House. Now this is a thrift store that you can actually find a deal in, not like those other "thrift" stores. You should check out the swank "like new" velvety couch we got for $30.

Elena Ailes—Alibi A/R Clerk

Best Local Crackpot/ABQ's best writer
Anthony, the guy on Sixth Street that's always writing. I just like the way he writes, even though I haven't seen anything he's written. He seems like a very intense guy.

Best Line to Use to Get Yourself Out of a Traffic Ticket
I'm stealing this line from a friend: "I'm hypoglycemic, and if I don't eat something soon I'm going to pass out."

Favorite Architectural Gem
The new Explora building in Old Town

Best Place to Participate in New Mexico Arts and Crafts
Shout out to the Harwood Art Center, where I have a studio.

Favorite Breakfast
Downtown Java Joe's. I convince people to feed me there all the time.

Favorite Vintage Clothing Store
Little Mary's on Washington and Lomas. Totally sweet duds and kickin' furniture, too.

Favorite Radio Personality
Sebastián on KUNM. He's got a hot voice.

Favorite Ethnic Supermarket.
Ta Lin, of course. Where else can you get dried minnows and Cuban mango paste all in the same place?

Stephanie Garcia, Alibi Copy Editor

Best Brew Pub
Kelly's. They have a good selection, plus they have delicious sweet potato fries.

Best Looking City Councilor
Martin Heinrich. He's so dreamy.

Best Restaurant for a Quick Lunch
NYPD. The employees are fast and efficient. Plus they serve the best pizza in town and the best salads.

Best Place for a Wedding Reception
La Posada. That's where I'm getting married this summer. It's affordable, elegant, and it's located in a historic part of Albuquerque.

Best Local Band
Nosotros. They combine gypsy music with salsa and Spanish fusion. It's really danceable music. I like the lead singer's voice. He's got that Gypsy Kings essence to his singing.

Best Thrift Store
Savers. Big selection, a lot of good quality clothes at reasonable prices. Sometimes you can find some real gems.

Best Vinyl Selection
We Buy Music. They have a wide array of records including imports. They have old David Bowie, Depeche Mode and a lot of cheesy '80s bands that I love. They also have a great selection of jazz music.

Best Florist
Mauldin Flowers. They're very affordable, great for weddings. They've got a good selection, and they have a coordinator who's very personable. Mauldin isn't like larger businesses that don't have time for you or try to sell you more than what you're looking for.

Best Antique Store
Century Square. They have four levels of antiques for collectors. I collect old Life magazines from the '40s and '50s, and they have a lot of those.

Best Cultural Bargain
Old Town. You get to rediscover New Mexican culture. The food is fabulous. It's worth it just to go to the Candy Lady. The historical church is beautiful yet simplistic.

Greg Medara—Alibi Account Executive

Best Actor to Play Rep. Heather Wilson in the Made-For-TV Movie of Her Life
Ellen Degeneres. She would be the best fit for this role.

Best Local TV Newsperson
Dick Knipfing

Best Radio Station
96.3 FM (The Buzzard). 96.3 FM (The Buzzard) is the most consistant when I am not listening to CD's.

Best Radio Personality
Jim Villanucci

Best Breakfast
Arriana's on Montgomery and Louisana. Everything is made fresh, even the chips, and their red chili sauce is just awesome.

Best Wine Shop
Quarters. It's at the top of my list. Good prices, close, and a great selection.

Best Brewpub

Best Downtown Bar

Best Northeast Heights Bar
Barley Room

Best Line to Use in Order to Get Yourself Out of a Traffic Ticket
"Can I wear your hat?" It hasn't worked yet, but I have faith in some cop's appreciation of a good line.

Best Gallery
Coleman Contemporary Art Gallery

Best Store to Ruin Your Credit Rating In
Whole Foods could wreck a person. As my fatherin-law said, "That's why they have the little carts. You couldn't afford to fill up one of those big ones!"

Best Local Bookstore
Page One

Best Spa
Betty's Day Spa. I can't say that I've been there, but my wife loves it and that's enough for me.