Alibi Bucks

 Sep 8 - 14, 2005 


Best Haiku About Your First Sexual Experience

By Steven Robert Allen

This category seemed harmless enough when we first thought of it. Somehow, though, it ended up being enormously disturbing. Perhaps the most disturbing haiku of all was Liz' winning entry. For her creeped-out honesty, she'll receive a $40 certificate to the District and two passes to the Guild Cinema.

He bought me ice cream
Like a dentist treating me
For being so still

Honorable Mentions
We discovered each
Other like strange landswe saw,
We conquered; he came.
Erin M. Daughtrey

Dumb and sweet, we were
amateurs softly cruising
Past virginity.
MF Ward

VW Bus
Passion on high, brain on low
Baby on the way
Stephen Davis

Fearnot of the dark
But of the Virgin Mary
Being real pissed off.
Linda Olen

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