Alibi V.15 No.46 • Nov 16-22, 2006 


The Animal Lover

2007 Pets Calendar, $20

Alliance for Albuquerque Animals
6701 Guadalupe Trail NW

Awww. Look at the widdle pups. And the widdle kitties. Aren't they just the cutest? Unfortunately, life for animals in Albuquerque isn't always as good as it should be. That's why the Alliance puts together this calendar with the help of dozens of Albuquerque individuals and businesses. All proceeds go to help improve the lives of animals in city shelters.

Custom Scottie Dog Shirt, prices vary

The Spot
1710 Central SE

This shirt, like many things at The Spot (formerly Now and Then), is one-of-a-kind--it was designed and hand-made right in the store! How many people can say that about their clothes? This fashion-forward thrift store is the place to go if you're shopping for any animal lover who enjoys being unique. A portion of all purchases at the store is donated to the People's Anti-Cruelty Association (, so you're giving more than just a shirt.

Doggie Bandanas, $7.95-9.95

The Dawg House
522-C Romero NW (Old Town)

These chic canine neckerchiefs are made locally by Pup R Wear and come in dozens of different patterns—everything from Route 66 to your favorite (and presumably your pet's favorite) sports team. Dawg House owners Shelly Salazar and Sharon Breech try to carry as many locally made pet-based products as possible--Shelly even bakes her own all-natural dog treats (available for $4.95 a bag). For the holidays, they're stocked up on doggie Christmas ornaments and doggie Christmas cards.

Cat Cigars, $5.95

Old Town Cat House
400-1A San Felipe NW (Old Town)

An Old Town institution, the Cat House features everything the feline or feline lover could need. By far, their best-selling item is the “El Gato Muy Loco” Catnip Cigar. Give this cloth-covered toy to Fluffy, and he'll happily gnaw away on it for months to come--if the photos of satisfied customers taped to the Cat House cash register are any indication, anyway.

Bon Ton, $7.49

Long Leash on Life
9800 Montgomery NE, Suite 13

Owners Norm Shrout and Ken Wormser, who both have degrees from Cornell University in animal science, opened Long Leash on Life in June. Nearly all of Long Leash’s products are from local businesses, and all their food is animal byproduct-free. Featured here is one of our favorite smaller products in the store, a convenient “doggie bag” dispenser shaped like a bone, complete with a hook you can snap onto a leash, backpack or pair of jeans. The bags are biodegradable and refills are available.

The Dog or Cat Owner's Manual, $14.95 each

Design Warehouse
101 West Marcy, Santa Fe
(505) 988-1555

Here's the perfect gift for your well-intentioned friend who adopted a pet from the local shelter but has no clue how to raise it. Cleverly written and fun to read, your friend will surely learn how to be a better pet owner. In fact, you yourself might learn a thing or two while thumbing through these books. Did you know you can train a cat to sit? Sure can. Pets are just full of wonderful surprises.