Alibi V.15 No.46 • Nov 16-22, 2006 


The Humanitarian

Joy Box by Emerita, $25.99

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
8910 Holly NE

What could be more humanitarian than encouraging your friends to make babies? The world must be peopled! Help your best mates to wallow in sticky, sweaty humanity with a set of mood-enhancing, evil paraben-free products from Emerita. They'll get massage oil, stimulating response cream, warming and natural lubricants, two tea candles and a cute keepsake box. You'll be thanked for years to come.

Chem C2000 Chemistry Experiment Kit, $150

Explora Gift Shop
1701 Mountain NW

For the budding Marie Curie in your life, consider purchasing this high-end chemistry kit from Explora. The included equipment is pro quality: We're talking real glass test tubes! So you'll get what you pay for, and you can appease your conscience with the knowledge that all the money you spend on puzzles, books and robot kits at this amazing gift shop will go to fund the educational programs and exhibits at this extraordinary museum.

Harmony Handbag, $52

Santa Fe Hemp
105 East Water, Santa Fe
(505) 984-2599

You'll feel good about yourself when you give this sturdy and fashionable hemp handbag to your girlfriend. Not only is it made from 100 percent hemp by local designer Lisa Benjamin, it's cute, fun and durable. And if you sign up for Santa Fe's new Locals Care card, a percentage of your purchase will go to a local charity like the Santa Fe Rape Crisis and Trauma Center or Kitchen Angels. Just keep giving and giving and giving.

Roadrunner Food Bank Gift Cards, $10, $25, $50 or $75

Roadrunner Food Bank
2645 Baylor SE

Don't buy another person you hardly know nice-smelling body wash they probably won't use. Buy them a contribution to fight hunger in New Mexico, joyfully made to Roadrunner Food Bank in his or her name. $10 stuffs two backpacks full of food for two children in the Food For Kids Program; $25 secures five food boxes for home delivery to medically frail seniors; $50 buys 250 pounds of pinto beans; and $75 buys one ton of fresh produce for New Mexico's hungry. Go to and click on "Gift Card Program" for more information.

Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, $24.95

Chai Bath, $10.95

The Herb Store
107 Carlisle SE

Be a "huwomanatarian" with a book that covers everything from cancer prevention, contraception, menstrual cramps, menopause and STDs using natural therapies. It might not sound very holiday cheery (Hark! the menstrual cramps are singing), but it sure will keep a woman you love in good health. Finish it off with this Chai Bath, a replenishing milk-based mixture that smells good enough to drink, or a variety of detoxifying bath salts that go for 99 cents per ice cream scoop.

Stitched Pillow Cover, $27.95

3215 Central NE

If you’re a conscientious shopper, you probably already know about Peacecraft. The 17-year-old nonprofit carries strictly fair trade items, made from artisans in struggling communities around the world. When you buy gifts like this lovely hand-stitched pillow cover, your dollars help to stop unfair labor practices. C’mon, you know it feels good.