Alibi V.15 No.46 • Nov 16-22, 2006 


Mr. No-Nonsense

The New York Times Practical Guide to Practicall y Everythin g, $29.95

Page One Bookstore
11018 Montgomery NE

Don’t mess around: Just buy this book for everyone on your list. It’s a simple, easy, time-saving strategy, and there’s a good chance everyone on your list would love this book, anyway. What’s it about? Everything. How to lose weight, give yourself a facial peel, find a good doctor, survive an airplane crash, cook a gourmet meal, buy a home, fix a leaky toilet, play pool … everything. It’s a useful how-to guide that would complement any bookshelf or coffee table. And it’s fascinating. There: Christmas is solved.

Set For a Year Greeting Cards, $40

Abode Modern Living
109 Amherst SE

Are you really supposed to run out and buy a new card every time someone has another birthday? We don't think so. Save your precious sanity with Set For a Year--an ingenious pack of 52 year-round appropriate greeting cards, created right here by an Albuquerque design firm. Each card has a different colorful mod motif, a few choice words (though some are left blank for your own musings) and a cost that beats Hallmark any day of the year.

Freeplay Wind-up Flashlight, $20-$40

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)
1550 Mercantile NE

These wind-up beauties are unyieldingly practical and surprisingly addictive. When you wind them up, they make the most satisfying sound--in fact, it's difficult to stop. Whether it's for a camping fiend or your sister's glove-box, they require no batteries and will theoretically never go dead. For some reason, the larger one is cheaper.

Zapata Sombrero, $6.98

Old Town Basket and Rug Shop
301 Romero NW

If you've got tons of out-of-town people on your gift list, one of the best places in the city to do all of your shopping in one spot is the Old Town Basket and Rug Shop, featuring everything from Route 66 placemats to Kokopelli shot glasses and hot air balloon fridge magnets. This sombrero is perfect for gardening or to spruce up a wardrobe for a night on the town. Tequila!

NiteRider Trail Rat 2.0, $119.99

A Falcon Guide: Mountain Biking Albuquerque, $10.95
High Desert Bicycles
909 36 th Place SE, Suite B and C, Rio Rancho

Use this holiday season as an opportunity to give your bike-loving friend more freedom to ride the trails. This handlebar-mounted halogen light will help ensure the adrenaline your friend experiences will be from bombing down a mountain after sun down and not from the near-death experience with a tree. Toss in a copy of Mountain Biking Albuquerque for the perfect, practical mountain biking gift.