Alibi V.15 No.46 • Nov 16-22, 2006 


The Creative Giver

Japanese Paper (quarter sheets), $3.50 each

Three Piglet Guest Soaps, $18.95

Mexican Calendar Girls Postcards, $9.95

114 Tulane SE, 255-2228
10700 Corrales NW, 899-3409
213 San Francisco, Santa Fe, (505) 982-3080

PaperGami carries the largest selection of Japanese paper in the country. Yeah, you heard us. Japanese paper, which is hand silk-screened, makes ideal art paper since it doesn’t break down when glued. But PaperGami offers much more than paper; like these adorable guest soaps shaped like piglets, which are the most delicious thing we may have ever smelled. Oh, and these Mexican calendar girls cards, which are too cool to pass up.

Puppet Theatre and Playspace (Half Wing, Chalkboard), $109.95

Out of The Blue
8001 Wyoming NE, Suite C-3, 822-5060
2502 Rio Grande NW, 242-4455

To hell with those high-tech gifts that require no imagination. This holiday season, give the gift of creativity with a Puppet Theatre and Playspace! The jointed play box is handcrafted from sturdy, hard maple wood, and adorned with colorful "theater curtains"--perfect for peeking through! And the walls are made of chalkboard, so budding artists can really let their imaginations run away with them. Great for kids of all ages!

Rodeo Sweethearts Guitar, $199

Encore Music
5314 Menaul NE

For the cowgirl crooner in your life, you can do no wrong with this gorgeous hunk of six-string magic created by the fine folks at Recording King instruments, part of its Western Collectible Guitar Series. This beauty plays pretty well for a $200 guitar--and dig that star inlay on the neck. Comes with an embroidered strap and a Songs of the West songbook. Giddyap!

Bead Kit, prices vary

Stone Mountain Bead Gallery
3100 Central SE

Force your friends into creativity with a bead kit. This one costs $34, but you could assemble one for almost any price. Stone Mountain Bead Gallery has a selection of hundreds of beads, priced anywhere from 8 cents to $2 a piece. Purchase any thickness of cord in a variety of materials (these are leather) and a couple of clasps. Put the whole thing in an appealing bag like this one, and you've got yourself a thoughtful gift.

IllParcel Crochet Kit, $22

504 West Cordova, Santa Fe
(505) 820-1400

Give the gift of craft with this simple and sexy kit from IllParcel. Make sure to wrap it up quick—the easy directions and colorful photos inside will tempt you to rip the box open and crochet yourself a bikini top. Take your creative energy out on the ribbon.

The Absolute Sandman: Volume One , $99

Addicted to Comics
5201 Lomas NE

You don't have to be an avid comic book reader to appreciate this gorgeous leatherbound, slipcovered edition collecting the first 20 issues of writer Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking graphic fantasy series. There's also a magnificent gallery of character design sketches--just the thing for the highbrow connoisseur of fantasy art. Addicted to Comics recently moved and are just now settling into their new digs. Poke around for other amazing graphic novel collections, used DVDs and videogames, and a fine selection of collectible toys.