Alibi V.16 No.4 • Jan 25-31, 2007 


Fines, Fines and More Fines

Are you a serial red-light runner? Here's what you can expect to pay per ticket in a two-year period:

Once: $100

Twice: $250

Thrice: $500

Those same intersections nabbing runners catch speeders, too. Here's the breakdown on speeding fines:

Up to 10 miles an hour over the limit: $100

11 miles to 15 miles: $150

16 and up: $200

21-25: $250

26-30: $300

31-35: $350

36 miles or more over the limit: $400

You can get both tickets from the same intersection. If you speed through a red light, both fines apply. Imagine the extreme: If you're going 76 in a 40 and you run a red for the third time in two years, that's a $900 ticket. Also, at that point, you should probably make a mental note to take the finicky rocket boosters off your car.

These fines are usually higher than the ones you would get if you were pulled over by an officer. The good news is red-light and speeding violations caught on camera are civil offenses and won't count against your driving record.