Alibi V.16 No.33 • Aug 16-22, 2007 


50 Ways to Blog New Mexico

If you've got something to say, blog about it. It's easier than getting your own opinion column in a newspaper, but still offers the challenge of making your voice heard—a challenge hundreds of locals have taken on. From the comfort of their own homes, bloggers have the freedom to say anything about everything. Some have the benefit of getting paid, while others simply use blogging as an outlet or hobby. Either way, New Mexicans blog about it all, from politics to bunnies. And with so many accessible local viewpoints, surviving in the Land of Enchantment is a task even the laziest of locals can do. A computer and Web connection is all you need to get started—no high-level survival techniques required.

This list is in no way comprehensive, but it gives a delicious taste of the diverse topics that concern New Mexicans. Here are 50 (or so) of the most popular and creative homegrown blogs in the 505.

Ah, Wilderness!
Complete with its own disclaimer, readers stay informed about issues surrounding Chaco Canyon and the wilderness of the Southwest.

Albuquerque Blogs
A free service for Albuquerqueans to share whatever they want about the 505. From news to business directories, this site has a bit of everything.

"Live from Nob Hill,” Albloggerque’s three contributors talk about their local experiences, including everything from gnarly ankle injuries to stunning wilderness photos.

Alibi weBlog
Now this is a blog! Most likely the most creative, original, thought-provoking blog in town—if we say so ourselves.

Albuquerque Journal Staff Weblog
Check out the news Journal writers didn't put in the paper, complete with video game reviews by Greg Peretti!

Albuquerque Tribune Blog
If you're ever having trouble finding an interesting blog, the Tribune will not disappoint. They've got it all. Who knew you could blog so much about the National Spelling Bee?

America's Outback
One New Mexican's musings about news and life experiences. It's kind of like being inside someone else's brain.

Aspenbloom Pet Care blogs about natural dog care and welfare. The best part: All posts are presented from the point of view of Shadrach, the neo mastiff. You just can’t help but love him.

Big Albuquerque-like Things (BAT)
With Albuquerque growing as fast as it is, keeping track of it all can be a difficult task. Why not let BAT fill you in on the little things you probably missed?

Blog City Mayor
“An eye on Albuquerque by Mayor Martin Chavez.” Hmm … no post since 2006. Maybe Marty needs to keep a better eye on his city.

Blogging Bill
The Santa Fe Reporter follows Bill Richardson’s quest for the Oval Office. If this isn’t enough Bill for you, just Google “Bill Richardson blog” and you’ll get a whole blogosphere of him.

The Bomb Town News Observer
Curious about what’s going on in Los Alamos? Stop here for one man’s point of view about life in one strange American city.

Burque Babble
Local middle school teacher Scot Key expresses his joys and frustrations with APS and life discoveries.

"Albuquerque People, Places, Politics, Planning and a Big Dog." That sums up this blog pretty well.

Confessions of a Human Nerve Ending
Local poet Don McIver provides a look into the life of a poet plus Poetry Slam Incorporated (PSI) podcasts.

Senator Dede Feldman's Blog
Sen. Feldman blogs about local news and her life as a senator in New Mexico.

Democracy for New Mexico
Reporting on grassroots activism and progressive issues, this blog gives daily updates on ways to participate and work for a democratic society.

Dishing the Duke
Get the skinny on happenings in the world of Albuquerque restaurants. From new menu items at Flying Star to parking lot turmoil at Subway, Andrea Lin follows every event concerning Duke City dining.

Duke City Fix
"This ain't your grandma's Albuquerque." Check here for the scoop on all things goin’ down in Burque.

Eat Albuquerque
A comprehensive guide to getting your grub on in Abq.

Five Zero Five
This site is a good source for Albuquerque events plus reviews on new techy products. It also includes the occasional rant on topics from allergies to losing a job.

For the H•ll of It
An Apple fanboy provides the low-down on all things Mac related, with a sprinkling of miscellaneous news stories.

Fresh Chaos
Jeff Hartzer—a Florida native who made the switch to the desert life—focuses on world events and gives a weekly update on upcoming guests on "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show." Make sure you don’t miss Jeff’s Bunnytown, USA and AirDance ArtSpace.

Heath Haussamen on New Mexico Politics
Based in Las Cruces, Haussamen is one of the best online journalists in New Mexico. Political junkies, get your daily fix here.

From Tramway to Coors, Eckleburg and Grumblecake are attempting to eat at every restaurant on Central. Starting on New Year’s 2006, they’ve already racked up quite a collection of restaurant reviews, giving readers an extensive source for where to get good eats.

The Santa Fe Public Library’s blog, posting updates on library news, book chats and events.

Infinity Report
“Poetically enigmatic usage of technological, surrealist, experiential and meta-narrative structures.” You figure it out.

Jfleck at Inkstain
Currently working on a book about drought, John Fleck—science writer for the Albuquerque Journal—centers on climate changes worldwide. Fleck also provides bike enthusiasts with a “compendium of bicycle rides in and around Albuquerque.”

Julia Goldberg’s Blog
What started as a voter-education project in 2004 is now a quirky news blog brought to you by Santa Fe Reporter Editor Julia Goldberg.

Joy Harjo’s Weblog
Poet, writer and musician, Joy Harjo uses her blog to keep friends and fans updated on her work, trips and news.

The three Ms—Mjae, Marjorie and Maggie—give readers world and local politics taken to the third power.

Mario Burgos
After years of wandering, Mario Burgos finally found his home in Cedar Crest. “From the top of a mountain,” Burgos presents New Mexico news from an envy-worthy vantage point.

MJH’s Blog
A self-proclaimed old-school liberal, MJH talks about national news from the standpoint that America is in dire need of a political overhaul.

New Mexico Politics With Joe Monahan
With decades of experience in public relations, Joe Monahan reports on “events that would otherwise go uncovered.” Striving for accuracy and fairness, Monahan’s blog is a must for anyone concerned with local news.

Mudita Journal
Entrepreneur and business developer Joshua Zader shares his ideas on mindfulness and individualism. This thoughtful read will have you questioning your interaction with the world, or at least questioning the meaning of “mudita.”

My Strange New Mexico
Featured in UNM’s Daily Lobo during the school year, writer Mike Smith is determined to keep an eye on New Mexico’s unusual tendencies. Hey, Nick Brown, could this be your soulmate?

New Mexico FBIHOP
Get the local news via the perspective of two brothers. Plus, their local blog wire will keep you informed on all your other favorite NM blogs.

New Mexico Matters
This site delivers when it comes to New Mexico news, elections and the legislature. With hundreds of links to news stories on, readers will have a hard time loosing interest.

New Mexico Photojournal
Have you been looking for that perfect picture to remind you of New Mexico beauty? Providing images of pristine landscapes, Southwest wilderness and iconic locations, this site will give meaning to our state slogan.

“From the Land of Enchantment, a little bit about a lot of things—and the occasional rant.” Oddly enough, a good amount of info on Ron Howard’s brother, too.

Dedicated to promoting conversation among Rocky Mountain inhabitants, all are welcome to voice their thoughts, from commenting to freelancing.

Only in New Mexico
Ever wonder what Jim Baca’s been up to lately? Look no further than this site to get a healthy dose of Baca’s views on current affairs.

Random Musings, Cont’d.
Never feel like you’re wasting your time again! Come here to feel productive even during your laziest of moments.

Scout’s Swag
This mama of two theorizes espresso and knitting are the key to world peace. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

“Obsesses about actressing at the edges. Ponders the myriad pathologies of pop culture. Loves grilled cheese.” So much culture, so little time. You go, StinkyLulu.

Sunlight Homes Blog
Local green custom home designer Jon Davis explains the benefit and necessity of energy-efficient and sustainable design. Having worked in the business for more than 30 years, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

The Southwest Organizing Project brings you news and views with a community bias, working “to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice."

Interested in architecture, urban planning and development, mass transportation, and gentrification, Tim gathers information on new building projects in the works for our city.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?
M.G. Bralley, retired law enforcement officer, focuses mainly on local politics, keeping a lookout for any unfair treatment of New Mexicans and local business.

The Westerner
Former New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Frank DuBois blogs on issues concerning Westerners, ranging from water rights to energy production.

Will gives you fair warning: His blog is “best viewed through the bottom of a beer glass.”

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