Alibi V.16 No.43 • Oct 25-31, 2007 


Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

Alice Cooper, that is ...

Alice Cooper is a man of contradictions: A subversive performer with a golf habit. A recovered alcoholic who owns a bar. A heavy metal rocker with a strong sense of family values. During a phone interview between the legendary master of horrors and frights and the Alibi, Alice Cooper talked about everything from reality shows to miracles. We didn't have space for the full conversation, so we gathered the most choice quotes for your incongruous reading pleasure.

On Marriage

"I just don't understand why rock stars keep marrying strippers. That's like saying, 'I really don't want this to work.'"

On the "Rock of Love" Cast

"Where's the librarian? There's no librarian."

On Sobriety

"I tell people I'm not a cured alcoholic, I'm healed. And they say, 'What does that mean?' What it means is I believe in miracles."

On the Presidential Contenders

"I don't see one person I would back right now."

On Golf

"It is the most addictive game in the world, so a lot of people say I traded one bad habit for a worse one."

On New Music

"I like people that go way out on a limb and do things that are really, really bizarre."

On Halloween 2007

"My whole band is going as different periods of Alice Cooper.”

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