Alibi V.17 No.19 • May 8-14, 2008 


Alibi Summer Guide

100 things to do before summer is over

There's an unfortunate sentiment perpetuated in Albuquerque that there's nothing to do in this town. Obviously, such a claim is baseless and only spouted by the lazy and uncreative (after all, the same idea's regurgitated in every Burgville, U.S.A.). But we here at the Alibi took it to heart. That's why we came up with 100 things that should be on your summer to-do list—to challenge those who would rather spend the next three months propped up on a couch nursing a bag of peanuts.

We scoured the city (and sometimes beyond) for the most interesting summer events and pastimes; and when we were done, we took a look at the beast and realized most of the stuff could be done for under a quid.

So no excuses, Albuquerque. Grab a pencil and start checking off your list—you've only got 100 days left.