Alibi Bucks
 Sep 20 - 26, 2012 



• On Sept. 11, four passenger jets are hijacked. Two crash into the World Trade Center, one crashes into the Pentagon, and one is diverted into an empty field after passengers fight back and take control. Nearly 3,000 people die.

Best Haiku Mocking the Concept of Haiku:
If our area
code changed to five seven five:

—Jeffrey E. Milling, 2001

• Editor-in-Chief Michael Henningsen publishes an editorial after 9/11 titled “America is Not a Blameless Nation.” In it, he writes that America’s foreign policy is among the problems that spurred the terrorist attacks. “... The question we should all be asking—especially our leaders—is not simply who to retaliate upon and how violently, but how we as a country can avoid playing into such international strife in the future.” Issues of the Alibi are torn from stands and dumped into the street. Years later, Henningsen’s sensible perspective becomes a common one.

Best Cultural Bargain: Albuquerque Museum

Best Local Substitute For Viagra: Green chile

Best NE Heights Bar: Millennium

Best Actor To Play Don Schrader In The Made-For-TV Movie Of His Life: Brad Pitt

• By October, the U.S. “War on Terror” and a bombing campaign to overthrow the al-Qaida-linked Taliban government in Afghanistan are underway.

• Major local reconstruction efforts begin with the Big I renovation project and the conversion of long-neglected old Albuquerque High School into loft apartments.

• The iPod is released by Apple. The Walkman crawls off into a corner somewhere and dies.

• After months of public speculation, inventor Dean Kaman finally unveils his top-secret project, code named “Ginger,” in New York’s Bryant Park. It turns out to be a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter known as the Segway PT. It’s kinda cool, we guess, but the machine never lives up to the hyperbolic hype that it will “change the way cities are designed” or be “more important than the Internet.”

• The first of Peter Jackson’s monumentally successful Lord of the Rings films, The Fellowship of the Rings, tops the box office, taking in $47 million its first weekend.

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