Alibi V.21 No.38 • Sept 20-26, 2012 



• We interview ex-Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president who is on the ballot, as of press time, in 47 states. The legendary Al Hurricane plays our taco fiesta at El Pinto. Now-Food Editor Ty Bannerman chronicles his B&E adventure into the Downtown eyesore known as the Anasazi. Burqueños remain ever-ready for the end times. “I stopped hanging out with people that couldn’t climb fences a long time ago,” cultural sensation Lynette tells the Alibi.

Best Burqueño: "Lynette" / Lauren Poole

Best News Anchor: Nicole Brady

Best Comedian: Sarah Kennedy

Best Bar for Dancing: Effex

Best Tattoo Artist: Chris Partain (Star Tattoo)

• The Navajo Nation files a lawsuit in New Mexico against Urban Outfitters for using the tribe’s name to sell panties, flasks and other sundries.

• The state’s cap-and-trade rule for carbon emissions is repealed.

• The City Council writes District 3 off the map, diluting the voice of Albuquerque’s minority voters, according to opponents of the move.

• Adele wins a trillion Grammy Awards.

• Sci-fi post-apocaplyptic trilogy The Hunger Games draws fans nationwide as the first film is released.

• Too many Snow White movies come out, and TV becomes infatuated with fairy tales.

• The word “hipster” finally loses all meaning and begins to fade into obscurity, where it will take up residence next to extinct “scenester,” and indie band use of wolves and birds.

• Historic levels of extreme temperatures plague the planet. Arctic ice melts at record rates

• Major party candidates embark on the most expensive election cycle in U.S. history.

• Syria’s protest movement evolves into a brutal civil war, while unrest and instability continue to roil other Arab nations.

• Operation Fast and Furious, a rash of mass shootings and the killing of Trayvon Martin have the country locked in heated debate over gun control.

• SCOTUS makes some key decisions, upholding the president’s health care reform law and striking down parts of Arizona’s contentious SB 1070.

• Same-sex marriage rights gain a toehold with the president’s outspoken support.

• The Alibi hires yet another batch of scrappy recruits to make something from nothing every week.