Alibi V.22 No.47 • Nov 21-27, 2013 

Gift Guide

Gifting Bad

Breaking Bad gifts galore, $9 and up

Great Face & Body Salon
123 Broadway SE

Heisenberg is gone, but people can’t seem to let old Walt go. When shopping for the “Breaking Bad” enthusiast in your life, Great Face & Body Salon is your one-stop shop for all things Blue Sky. From Bathing Bad bath salts and Los Pollos Hermanos chicken seasonings to an “ultimate gift basket” of soothing spa products in a Los Pollos Hermanos-branded batter bucket, your favorite chemist will be ready to start living the kingpin lifestyle on Christmas morning. And they’ll probably smell pretty good, too.

Or, if you prefer to give a more interactive gift, why not sign your fake-meth obsessed recipient up for a Bad Cooking Class? For $29, they’ll learn to make their own 99.1 percent pure blue rock candy, similar to the confection used on the actual show. Soon they’ll be distributing their product throughout the Southwest, gradually giving into their hubris-laced dark side and alienating everyone they supposedly care about. And isn’t that the real meaning of Christmas?